BUREAUCRACY MANAGEMENT comprises a company’s entire fiscal, labor and legal management. Today, bureaucracy takes up significant space in companies’ lives, both in terms of time and costs. Effective bureaucracy management makes all the difference for building a solid company.


CONTROLLERSHIP MANAGEMENT reclaims the basic role of accounting as a tool for result management and control. Such initial role has been lost over time as governments took hold of the technique for tax collection. Additionally, the advance of globalized companies and corporations has led to the complex accounting we have today and which aims at getting accounting standards to converge so as to consolidate information. Our constant challenge is to, within the same accounting, be able to satisfactorily meet 3 needs:

Fiscal accounting – which aims at fulfilling governmental requirements;

Corporate accounting, which aims at complying with the Brazilian and international accounting standards, especially to consolidate the information of multinational companies;

Management accounting – aimed at managing and controlling companies’ results.


We believe BUREAUCRACY and CONTROLLERSHIP MANAGEMENT are twin sisters; laws and a company’s numbers walk side by side and must be worked on together.

Based on that approach, we have set up a management and team building system meant to provide safe, high-quality services to boost our clients’ business success.

Our Mission
More than giving the solution, together with the company we solve bureaucratic and controllership issues by focusing on:

• fiscal, labor and legal security

• tax savings

• financial health

Principles and Values
• Technical competence
• Secrecy and confidentiality
• Convenience and speed
• Consistent, quality work
• Security
• Coherence between strategic vision and operating actions
• Abiding by our clients’ style, culture and values
• Helping foster business success
• Merit-based criteria