• UENO PROFIT sprang from its members controllership experience in corporations and publicly-traded companies.

• Founded in 1995, or company’s initial goal was to provide small and medium companies with the best corporate management practices.

• At first, we focused more on management consulting by taking advantage of our controllership expertise. However, every client we served would tell us “here, the child is yours” and entrust us with managing their accounting.

• Hence, we saw an opportunity to develop outsourced accounting services albeit from another standpoint, that is, reclaiming the original role as a veritable tool to manage and control results and safely meet statutory requirements.

• Today we cater to several Brazilian and multinational companies. Companies which are highly demanding and seek fiscal, labor, and legal security, and make use of accounting as a management tool.

• We have offices in PORTO ALEGRE/RS and SÃO PAULO/SP and a multidisciplinary team trained and specialized in the fields of business law, international law, accounting, engineering, and business management.