Our OUTSOURCING services are designed according to each company's characteristics and needs, and may be provided as described below:

1) partial outsourcing – your company may outsource part of your activities or yet part of the activities are carried out at the client company and the other part is finished in our office.
2) total outsourcing – you fully outsource your fiscal, accounting, and personnel-related activities.

Both types of outsourcing streamline your information system resources to integrate them as much as possible and eliminate rework. Some types adopted:
1) 100% use of the system licensed to Ueno Profit;
2) % use of the client's system, with remote access by the office; integrated use of both systems.

One of the main differences of our outsourcing model is our CELL-BASED MANAGEMENT instead of the usual DEPARTMENT-BASED MANAGEMENT. That means we eliminate the division of activities by departments (fiscal, labor, accounting) and focus on building a result-oriented multidisciplinary team.